The CBN’s e-Naira plans raise important fairness questions that could worsen financial exclusion if not adequately considered

Photo Credit: CNBC

The Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) staunch opposition to cryptocurrencies was met with mixed feelings. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had announced protocols for engaging with cryptocurrencies but halted its moves in direct reaction to CBN’s decision and then announced that it would coordinate any further regulatory action in…

Open banking could introduce a new era of innovation and collaboration but like all innovations, execution will be the determining factor

The Central Bank of Nigeria has been on a roll. Over the last three years, the regulator has released a slew of guidelines in a bid to improve financial inclusion — the PSB guidelines and license in 2018, the regulatory sandbox framework in 2020, and most recently, the open banking…

Photo Credit: Harriet Kariuki

The news reported the brokering of an amicable resolution of the dispute between key stakeholders in the telecommunication and banking industry on the pricing of Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) that could have severely disrupted banking services and the economy. The policy on USSD services was designed to promote “cost…

Sustainable and Inclusive DFS

We work with government, financial services regulators, donors and the private sector to drive financial inclusion in Nigeria through #research #advocacy

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