All The Best Pictures From Our First Digital Financial Services Consultative Working Group Forum

Financial Services industry leaders convened to discuss the future of financial inclusion in Nigeria

Even the National Assembly was represented
Everyone had unique insights to share
Delegates were distributed into dedicated working groups based on their expertise
The SIDFS team preparing the first draft of the Communique
Dr. Olayinka David-West (Project Lead)
Consultative Working Groups
[L — R] Consumer Protection subGroup & Digital Financial Services Infrastructure subGroup
[L — R] Enabling Financial Inclusion at the Last Mile subGroup and Interoperability and Competition subGroup
[L-R] Identity Management and KYC subGroup &Enabling Environment for Digital Financial Services subGroup
Pictures are worth a thousand words but this one’s worth two thousand
The Sustainable and Inclusive Digital Financial Services team

We work with government, financial services regulators, donors and the private sector to drive financial inclusion in Nigeria through #research #advocacy